Professional Services

Nitra was founded by certified security experts and attorneys who believe that security, compliance, and risk management can be more accessible and affordable.

Program Development & Advising

Nitra can either help you build an internal security program from the ground up or help you mature your existing program. Either way, Nitra gives you a strong security foundation while reducing risk, all in a cost effective way. Let Nitra be your virtual chief information security officer (vCISO)!

Security & Risk Assessments

Find your security gaps before the hackers do.

    Nitra can:
  • assess systems
  • pentest assets
  • implement NIST Frameworks
  • establish vendor controls
  • assess breach impact

Talent for security engineering is scarce. Augment your needs with Nitra's engineering services for DevSecOps, architecture, cloud security, secure SDLC, and technical product implementations.


Security Policies - Automated!

Policies are the foundation of any Information Security, Risk, and Compliance Program. But drafting them is a pain. So let Nitra do it for you.

  • Designed by Certified Experts
  • Customized to Your Organization
  • Affordable and Fast

Crafted with Excellence

Policies are designed and maintained by certified security experts, for your industry and your operations.

Clear and Legible

Written in plain English, your employees and contractors can understand them, making you more secure.

Excellence is Compliance

Every great compliance program is built on a sound security policy.

Affordable and Fast

Writing your own security policies is expensive, time-consuming, and seldom quite right. Nitra’s experts have automated it and gotten it right, so you get the right policies right away.

Peace of Mind

Start taking action to understand your gaps and protect your organization.

Support That Continues On

Nitra offers ongoing support for implementing your new security policies. Let Nitra help you tie your policies to your business operations and help educate your staff.

Let's talk.

You owe it to your customers, employees, and partners to keep their data safe. Nitra is here to help.